H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute is accepting submissions for the 2020 BFA Annual Exhibition

All eligible seniors graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Kansas City Art Institute have the opportunity to represent their graduating class in the BFA Annual Exhibition at the H&R Block Artspace. This exhibition represents the culmination of your academic experience at KCAI, while serving as an important preview and introduction to your thesis projects for your peers, family, friends, arts professionals, collectors, and the public. The Artspace considers it a privilege and honor to work with every graduating senior to help make the best BFA exhibition possible. To that end, we would like to outline some important elements of this collaboration:

H&R Block Artspace Elements of a Successful Collaboration

•  This partnership is designed to provide support and a platform for your to do your best work and to create a meaningful experience for the public.

•  It will be important to establish direct, professional, and open lines of communication.

•  Your participation should demonstrate an understanding of a unified purpose and a shared audience.

•  We ask you to respect your fellow students in a shared and inclusive platform for all graduating seniors. 

•  We appreciate your capacity to be nimble, flexible, and respectful to help foster a cooperative and collaborative environment for your peers.

Required materials:

  1. Work sample of 5 image stills (jpg) and/or 1 short video in MPEG-4 (MP4) format.
  2. Image list (pdf). 
  3. Completed work or detailed proposal (pdf): Include as much information as possible about your plans. What will the work look like, what is your artistic intent, what is your artistic process? You may include drawings and diagrams and/or other supporting material.
  4. Artist statement (less than 300 words, first-person narrative, Word doc).
  5. Curriculum vitae - "CV" (black type on white paper, Word doc).

Faculty and staff support:

•  Your Department/Faculty liaison is available throughout the summer if you have any questions regarding the completion of your work.

• BFA Team member and exhibition organizer Michael Schonhoff is available at bfa@kcai.edu if you have any questions specific to submission and presentation of your work in the exhibition. Michael is also available throughout the summer for scheduled one-on-meetings to review your proposal.

 Revised Timeline:

•  June 7 midnight Submissions/Proposals Due

•  August 10 - 14 Artwork Delivery

•  August 17 - 19 Installation Completed

•  August 20 Animation Screening

•  August 21 Opening Reception

•  August 22 Commencement Ceremony

•  September 19 Last day of exhibition

•  September 20 - October 2 De-installation and Pickup

 Schedule, Guidelines, and Resource Lists are all available as downloadable PDFs on the Artspace "Student Opportunities" web page https://kcai.edu/artspace/student-opportunities/

H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute