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$20.00 USD

Ends on 5/15/2016

Size limit: 1MB


Submission fee: $20

2016 Kansas City Flatfile & Digitalfile | June 11 – September 24, 2016 

Opening reception, Friday, June 10, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the 'SUBMIT' button. Login or sign-up for a free account and enter your billing information with Submittable. Please complete the following:

1. Provide your 'Last name, First name' as you would like it to appear on your portfolio

2. In the ‘Reservation Details’ box provide the portfolio size preference. One portfolio per artist

12" x 16"    (for works no larger than 10” x 14”)

18" x 24"    (for works no larger than 16” x 22”)

24" x 32"    (for works no larger than 22” x 30”) 

3. Click on 'Add Files' box in the 'Attached files' section and upload a resume (3 page max, .pdf) and video files if participating in the "Digitalfile".

NOTE: This invitation is not a transferable opportunity. If you have been invited, you may reserve a portfolio. If you would like to recommend an artist for participation, please contact Raechell Smith at 816.802.3574 or Beverly Ahern at 816.802.3571 or email bahern@kcai.edu.

For more information about past Kansas City Flatfile | Digitalfile please visit our website at  www.kcai.edu/artspace 

DEADLINE: Sunday, May 15, 2016